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Rdiffweb Release v2.3.0

The last release in May 2021, brought many new features to Rdiffweb, thanks mostly to Bern University of Applied Science and Daniel Baumann who trusted us for their development. Last major features included support for PostgreSQL, better integration with LDAP, a new background scheduler to processes long running tasks and new documentation.

Today, we announce another release that includes some bug fixes and new features to continue the improvement of Rdiffweb. With these latest changes, Rdifweb continue to help take control of the backups and make the visualization of them even easier.

Better timezone support

If you manage a considerable amount of repository, chances is you have a couple of users in different time zones. That makes things a bit more complex when we want to display the last modification date of a file, because the time is different in each time zone.

Rdiffweb is now taking account of the user's browser time zone to properly display a date. With this change, it's less confusing when users are looking for a specific version of their file. Their computer time matches what they see in Rdiffweb.

List of revisions with date in user's time zone

Improved Chart to visualize statistics

Thanks to our last survey, we know how useful the charts views are. They provide a quick overview of the repository states and how it evolve over time. For a couple of years, those charts didn't evolve because the technology used to render them, namely D3js, was complex to maintain. To improve the situation, we have completely replace the D3js implementation with Chartkick and Chartjs.

An official Docker image for your deployment

Docker fans will be pleased to learn the creation of a new official Docker image for Rdiffweb. Will improve this image over time and provide more resources about how to use it in our documentation. As an example how to deploy Rdiffweb with PogresSQL with Docker Compose.

You may start using Rdiffweb with Docker as simply like this:

docker run -v /backups:/backups -p 8080:8080 ikus060/rdiffweb:2.3.0

Full list of changes

  • Improve timezone handling to display date with local timezone using javascript #143
  • Improve charts by replacing d3js by chartkick #122
  • Replace the status view by something meaningful with chartkick #122
  • Provide Docker image with Rdiffweb docker pull ikus060/rdiffweb #55
  • Fix file and folder sorting #143
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