Administrative area now improved and powerful

Rdiffweb Release v1.1.0

Compared to our previous major release v1.0.0, this new version has major improvements to the administration area. Administrators may browse and restore data from other users’ backup. New views were added to display system information and server logs.

Here is the full list of changes made in this new release:

  • Change repository URL to username/repo-name - in preparation to add ACL in a future release.
  • Add repository view to allow administrators to browse, restore and edit other user repositories.
  • Add system information (version, configuration, operating system info, etc.) to the admin area.
  • Add server logs to admin area (rdiff-backup.log & rdiff-backup-access.log).
  • Improve the users’ view layout.
  • Check local database credentials before LDAP credentials.
  • Reduce footprint of confirmation dialog box.
  • Reduce code smells reported by Sonarqube.
  • Improve main menu structure.
  • Change default login page headline.
  • Support Jinja2 version >= 2.10 (add integration test for 2.6 to 2.10).
  • Update documentation.
Improving the persistence layers
Rdiffweb Release v1.2.0