Define User's role in Rdiffweb

Rdiffweb release v1.4.0

Thanks to our sponsor, this release introduces a feature to have better control over the users' permission by defining 3 different levels of access: Admin, Maintainer and User. This addition allows you to have better control on what your users can or can't do with their backup repositories.

  • Fix single repository discovery when a user's home is a rdiff-backup repository.
  • [SPONSORED] Add a new setting at the user level to define the user's role: Admin, Maintainer and/or User. Admins are authorized to do everything. Maintainers are authorized to browse and delete repo. Users are only authorized to browse #94.
  • Add "Powered by" in the web interface footer #91.
  • Display a nice error message when trying to delete admin user #93.
  • Introduce usage of wtforms and flash in admin users for better form validation #96 #97.
  • Update French translation.
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Rdiffweb project moved from Github to Gitlab