Drop python2 support & Add Debian package installation

Rdiffweb Release v2.0.0

Drop Python 2 support

With this major release, we are officially dropping support for Python2. We have kept it long enough and similar to rdiff-backup we need to move forward. Removing all the Python2 code should speed up our development and reduce the maintenance time. If you still want to install Rdiffweb on Python2.7, you need to stick with v1.x.

Test our new Debian package for Bullseye !

This version marks the official support of a Debian package for Bullseye ! We've worked hard in collaboration with Bern University of Applied Sciences to create a viable package for the next Debian version. A big thanks to Daniel Baumann for all his contributions and recommendations.

The new package is not yet available in Debian official repository. We are working on it. You may get the packages from our private APT repository:

curl -L https://www.ikus-soft.com/archive/rdiffweb/public.key | apt-key add - 
echo "deb https://nexus.ikus-soft.com/repository/apt-release-bullseye/ bullseye main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/rdiffweb.list
apt update
apt install rdiffweb

Changes in this release:

  • Re-implement logic to update repositories views to remove duplicates and avoid nesting repo. #107
  • Handle elapsed time of days in the graph. Thanks Nathaniel van Diepen contributions
  • Rebrand all link to ikus-soft.com
  • Update documentation to install rdiffweb
  • Remove obsolete minify dependency
  • Drop support for python2
  • Provide null translation if translation catalogues are not found
  • Pass a LANG environment variable to rdiff-backup restore process to fix encoding issue #112
  • For Debian packaging compliance:
    • Remove obsolete python shebang
    • Remove execution bit (+x) on python modules
    • Provide --help and --version on rdiffweb executable
    • Improve cherrypy version detection
    • Do not update translation files (*.mo) during build
Improved Quota management & Bug fixes
Rdiffweb Release v2.1.0