Face lift for rdiffweb

For backup solution, I'm using backupninja. It provide a wide range of handlers to backup stuff if different ways. Often, I only need to backup the MySQL and the filesystem. The configuration files are easy to understand and modify to suite my requirement. The handler I use most is the rdiff-backup. It provide incremental backup in such a way you can restore a file as it was weeks ago. Anyone working with users knows it's handy to restore deleted files.

But, I needed to restore files many times a week. Even if the command lines are working properly, it's not always easy to browse files to find exactly what you are looking for. It's even worst when you need to restore something for somebody else.

Then, I found rdifweb. The current testing version is 0.6.3. The project doesn't seem to be very alive, but the software is working very well. It let you browse multiple repositories, restore directories as archives and restore a single file. Even if the functionalities was there, the interface was poorly designed. So I took the time to revamp it and, at the same time, fix minor bugs irritating me.

To deploy this version, read the following file : https://github.com/ikus060/rdiffweb/blob/master/README.md

New cover for rdiffweb
Using Jinja2 to provide a modern look to Rdiffweb