Great changes for the new open-source version of Minarca
Rdiffweb release 1.0.0

After a quiet year for rdiffweb, I'm glad to announce an official release. Version 1.0.0 This new version mark the foundation of an open-source Minarca version soon to be announced. Here what changed from version 0.10.9.

  • Make repository removal more robust
  • Improve performance of librdiff
  • Add new RESTful api
  • Return the right HTTP 401 or 402 error code for authentication
  • Fix bug introduce by upgrade to Jinja2 + python3
  • Store ssh keys in database and disk
  • Add support for theme (default, orange)
  • Remove deprecated profiling code
  • Add disk usage support / quota (experimental)
  • Add support of cherrypy v18
  • Drop support of cherrypy v3.2.2
  • Add wsgi entry point
  • Replace the plugins architecture to ease implementation
  • Numerous bug fixes

Take a look at rdiffweb github page to install or upgrade to new version.

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Administrative area now improved and powerful
Rdiffweb Release v1.1.0