Improving the foundations of Rdiffweb

Rdiffweb Release v1.2.2

This new release mainly adds corrections and continues building the foundation for upcoming new features soon to be integrated into Rdiffweb. With these changes we continue to work on our target objectives to provide a better digital experience to the end users.

Here is the full list of changes made in this new release:

  • Fix 404 error when trying to access other users’ repo as admin.
  • Fix logging format for cherrypy logs to match rdiffweb format.
  • Add log rotation by default.
  • Enhance the repository to invite users to refresh the repository when the view is empty.
  • Deprecate support for cherrypy 4, 5, 6 and 7.
  • Improve loading of repository data (cache status and entries).
  • Restore compatibility with SQLite 3.7 (CentOS7).

Known issues:

  • Filename encoding in tar.gz and zip file might not be accurate if you are running Python 3.6 (CentOS7).
Faster restore process & other minor improvements
Rdiffweb Release v1.3.2