Introducing a new plugin architecture

Rdiffweb Release v0.8.3

Since I didn't announce the major release version v0.8 publish in December, I will announce the minor release v0.8.3. It provides various fix to properly generate tar.gz and zip archives for foreign language.

As for release v0.8, here are some highlight included in this release:

  • Introduce a plugin architecture to support user database, demons, authentication, admin panel, preference panels, etc.
  • Re-factoring user and password system
  • Add SSH Keys plugin to manage publickey authentication.
  • Fix memory leak in librdiff
  • Allow user to customize the branding (change logo, name and welcome message)
  • Add Russian translation (thanks to Евгений Максимов)
  • Enhance user interface
  • Allow user to define repository encoding (Settings tab)
  • Allow user to delete a repository (Settings tab)
  • Improve performance to read file_statistics (loading should be faster)
  • Improve "In Progress" backup detection
  • Generate memory dump on SIGUSR2
  • Enhance log for debugging

To install this version go to and follow instructions in README file.

Rdiffweb modification for Python 3 support
Rdiffweb running on Python 3