Introducing Rdiffweb 2.8.0: The Latest Advancements in Open Source Backup Management


Rdiffweb, the popular open-source web interface for browsing and restoring rdiff-backup repositories, is back with its latest release - version 2.8.0! This version brings several exciting updates, usability improvements, enhanced security, and expanded compatibility. Rdiffweb continues to provide users with a user-friendly and efficient way to manage backups and data restoration effortlessly.

User Management Interface Enhancements

With version 2.8.0, the user management interface has received a significant facelift to ensure a more user-friendly experience. Administrators now have more control and options, enabling them to manage users.

Some of the key enhancements in the user management interface include:

Disk Quota Configuration: The disk quota feature in the users' view is now more intuitive. When the quota command is not configured, the Disk Quota section will be disabled, streamlining the interface for deployment without this feature.

LDAP Label Visibility: For systems where LDAP is not configured, the LDAP label is now hidden in the users' view, creating a cleaner and less confusing interface.

Reporting Preferences: Administrators can now change user's reporting preferences. This enhancement allows the administrator to adjust the interval at which each user receives reports.

Improved Visibility of User's Quota

Recognizing the importance of effective disk usage management, Rdiffweb 2.8.0 introduces several new features to improve visibility of user quotas for both administrators and end-users.

Color-coded Quota Indication: When a user reaches 100% disk usage, the quota indicator turns red, drawing immediate attention to potential issues and the urgency for cleanup.

Notification for Quota Reaching 90%: To prevent users from exceeding their disk quota limits, Rdiffweb will now send notifications when users' quotas reach 90% of their allocated space. This proactive approach helps users take timely action before encountering any quota-related problems.

Selective Notification Disablement

Users now have the option of disabling notifications for certain days of the week, enabling them to manage notifications more effectively according to their schedule and priorities. This option is particularly useful for avoiding sending notifications over the weekend when you know your laptop is not running.

Detailed File Statistics

Rdiffweb 2.8.0 takes data analysis to the next level with the introduction of detailed file statistics. Administrators and users can now access information on files created, modified and deleted, enabling them to better understand their data and activity within the backup.

Enhanced Security Measures

The Rdiffweb team is dedicated to ensuring the highest level of security for its users. With version 2.8.0, several security enhancements have been implemented to safeguard user data and privacy.

Ratelimit for Status Reports: To prevent email flooding, a ratelimit has been added to the "send me a status report" feature (#272). This measure ensures that users receive necessary updates without being overwhelmed by excessive notifications. This security enhancement was proposed by Nehal Pillai, and we extend our gratitude for their valuable contribution.

Fixed Access Token Creation: A fix has been applied to address the creation of access tokens with expiration times (#277), rectifying any potential vulnerabilities and strengthening the authentication process.

Expanded Compatibility and Usability

Rdiffweb 2.8.0 focuses on making the platform more accessible and usable for a wider user base.

New OS and Database Support: The release adds support for Ubuntu Lunar, broadening the range of compatible operating systems. Additionally, Rdiffweb now supports SQLAlchemy v2.0 for forward compatibility, ensuring smooth operation with future releases.

User Experience Improvements: Several usability tweaks have been made, including trimming extra spaces from verification codes for smoother input experiences. Moreover, the default username will now be determined when users are redirected to the login page, simplifying the login process.

Enhanced Repository View: The repository view in the administration section is now sorted by dates, making it easier for administrators to navigate and manage repositories effectively. 

Documentation Enhancements

To empower users with more comprehensive knowledge, Rdiffweb 2.8.0 brings notable updates to its documentation.

  1. Configuring fail2ban: Detailed instructions on configuring fail2ban for server hardening have been added. This addition aims to enhance security measures and protect against potential attacks.

  2. Configuring certbot: A step-by-step guide on configuring certbot for automatic SSL certificate generation has been included in the documentation. This enables users to secure their communications with minimal effort.


Rdiffweb 2.8.0 is a feature-packed release that reinforces its position as a robust and user-friendly web interface for rdiff-backup repositories. With an improved user management interface, enhanced visibility of user quotas, added file statistics, increased security measures, and expanded compatibility, Rdiffweb continues to be an essential tool for managing backups and data restoration effectively.

Whether you are a seasoned system administrator or a casual user, Rdiffweb's latest release offers a seamless and intuitive experience that streamlines your backup management tasks. Embrace the new features and documentation enhancements to enjoy a more secure, efficient, and hassle-free backup management journey with Rdiffweb 2.8.0!

To explore Rdiffweb 2.8.0, install or upgrade it!

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