Minor modifications for better stability and security

Rdiffweb Release v2.3.8

Today we have prepared a new version of Rdiffweb which includes several small minor changes in order to improve the stability and security of Rdiffweb. Although this release does not include any major functionality, many users will be happy to have access to these fixes in an official release from Rdiffweb.

You will no doubt have noticed that the development of Rdiffweb has not been very active in recent months. Most of our efforts are focused on our Minarca data backup solution and more specifically on the Minarca agent which has been entirely rewritten in python to better integrate to the operating system and thus provide a better user experience to configure their data backup.

Please be patient, our attention will return to Rdiffweb shortly when we finish with the Minarca agent upgrades.

Complete list of changes from 2.3.7

  • Push all artefacts to nexus server including binaries and documentation
  • Fix Chart.js loading on Debian bullseye #164
  • Update installation steps documentation
  • Improve LDAP authentication to lookup entire directory
  • Fix usage of --ldap-add-user-default-userroot to avoid error related to wrong encoding
  • Improve authentication mechanics
  • Avoid raising an HTTP error 500 when login form receive invalid payload
  • Mitigate open redirect vulnerability in login form

Installation and Configuration Guide for Rdiffweb with Docker