Rdiffweb 7.0

A new release to alot a changes !

Rdiffweb version 7.0 is the latest version of Rdiffweb. It's the result of eight months' work. It include major new features and many more small improvement and enhancements. The release incorporate around 83 changes made by 3 contributors.

Web interface

We've completely redesign the web interface for a second time. This one is for good. Our first approach was to do less damage as possible since we weren't the official maintainer. Since then, we have complete control over rdiffweb development and extensive modifications was required! Using bootstrap framework with jinja2 templates provides a very flexible interface. Good for extensions and good for the eye. See for your self.

Hackers may also love to tweak the source code to give Rdiffweb a different look. We currently use a modified version of Yeti theme. With very little modification, you may change the bootstrap theme. Here is what it look like with darkly theme.

We also took attentions to make a responsive design looking good on your computer, on your tablet and on your phone. So wherever you are you may access your backups or help somebody to get to his backup.

LDAP Authentication

The release also introduce a new way to authenticate. Rdiffweb already support file, SQLite and MySQL as users database. I'm not sure all of them are well supported tough. 7.0 add LDAP to this list. When enabling LDAP authentication, rdiffweb will validate the user credential via the LDAP server and will store users data into SQLite database. This setup also allow a mixed configuration with user in LDAP and user in local database.


The release make rdiffweb available in two different language: English and French. Starting with this release translating rdiffweb become easier. Translators are welcome to submit new translations via GitHub.

Rdiffweb uses your browser settings to determine the best language to be used. You may now access your backup in your preferred language!

That's not all

Other minor improvements or enhancements was added since 0.6.5. Have a look at the complete list of modification made on Github Comparing changes.

Getting rdiffweb 7.0

You may get the latest release from github. Follow online instruction to install rdiffweb on your servers.

About rdiffweb

The release mark a transition to our new business model. With Rdiffweb, we want to introduce more features to meets small and medium enterprises. It start with a new backend, a translation support and LDAP authentication. Our next step is to redesign the backend again to provide a plugins base architecture to allow users to extends Rdiffweb without modifications to the core.

New security features and continuous improvement
Rdiffweb version 2.4.0