Rdiffweb maintainership is transfered to IKUS-Soft !

IKUS-Soft is now the official maintainer of Rdiffweb project

I want to thank Josh Nisly who accepted to transfer the maintainership of rdiffweb to us. It's a really great new. We have a great future in mind for rdiffweb and related solutions.

The past two years we've worked on rdiffweb to release small features and bug fixes, but we weren't the official maintainer. So extensive modifications was a no-go. We didn't write documentations and related material for the same reason. This is about to change.

http://www.rdiffweb.org/ is currently redirected to our web site (to a placeholder page). Come back soon in order to get more information about rdiffweb !

Rdiffweb development version
Making available our latest developement