rdiffweb.org : where to find everything about the simplified backup management software
A new dedicated website for Rdiffweb, a web interface to visualise Rdiff-backup repository.

IKUS Software is dedicated to the creation and development of open source software to simplify and optimize business processes, particularly in the area of data backup, but not only. Because we also apply this principle internally, we decided to create a distinct identity for each of our software solutions, which now have a dedicated website. Thus, you can now access everything related to Rdiffweb in one place: https://rdiffweb.org.

A chosen domain name

We kept the domain name that was originally created for Rdiffweb, "rdiffweb.org", whose ".org" - the abbreviation of the English word "organization" - is intended for non-commercial organizations, including schools, open source projects and communities, as well as for-profit entities today. So it was a natural choice to use a domain name that is connected to the open source community we have been contributing to since 2010.

Migration to a separate website

All the information specific to Rdiffweb, which was on https://ikus-soft.com, has been migrated to https://rdiffweb.org: articles, documentation, downloads, etc. We have also taken the opportunity to improve your user experience by providing you with all the resources available through a simplified and intuitive navigation. It is now easier to see at a glance what is available and to go to what you are looking for.

On this new website, you have access as much to the documentation, to the demo version, to the source code (Gitlab) as to the exchanges with the community (Google Group), but also to the download, to our blog and you can easily contact.

Stay tuned

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IKUS Software is pleased with this new internal development that will allow our users to better understand our software. We are sure you will appreciate the ease of use of Rdiffweb, as well as the possibility to exchange within our community for support and also to share your experience. Sign up for the Rdiffweb Google Group and let us know what you think about any new website!

Face lift for rdiffweb