Rdiffweb Release Notes 2.4.2 - Important security fixes
Rdiffweb version 2.4.2

IKUS Software is dedicated to provide software with useful feature that help simplify your work and improve the performance of your business. We also consider the security of our application a top priority. This next release include important modification to Rdiffweb to improve it's security.  If you are using an earlier version, you should upgrade to this release immediately.

Here is the list of changes included in this version:

  • Use 'Secure' attribute with Sensitive Cookie in HTTPS Session. CVE-2022-3174
  • Avoid leakage of the stack trace in the default error page. CVE-2022-3175
  • Enforce minimum and maximum password length. CVE-2022-3175

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Rdiffweb 7.0
A new release to alot a changes !