Rdiffweb v2.6.0: A Comprehensive Backup Tool with Improved Dashboard and Notifications
Rdiffweb release v2.6.0

Rdiffweb is a popular open-source file backup tool that provides a web interface for managing backups made using rdiff-backup. With the release of version 2.6.0, Rdiffweb brings significant improvements in its dashboard, notifications, system logs, and language support. In this article, we'll review the latest changes and features in Rdiffweb v2.6.0.

Improved Application Layout and Dashboard

Rdiffweb v2.6.0 has undergone a significant layout overhaul, utilizing a fluid container to maximize the available screen space. This change provides a cleaner and more modern look to the interface. Additionally, the Status view has been renamed to Dashboard, which provides a quick overview of the user's backup status. The Dashboard view now displays more useful data such as backups per day, oldest backup, storage usage, average duration, least active, and most active.


Rdiffweb v2.6.0 has improved its notifications and now sends emails to users based on inactive backup statistics to make sure users are aware when their backup is not running properly. Additionally, a new notification template has been introduced, following the web interface branding. Users are now notified when a repository is added or removed from their accounts. n addition, all notifications could be sent to an optional "catch-all" email address configured using the email-catch-all option to allow administrator to receive all notification sent to their users.

Language Support

Rdiffweb v2.6.0 has improved multi-language support by introducing a default-lang option to configure the default language used for any communication. In addition, users can now select their preferred language, and Rdiffweb will use their selected language when sending notifications. If English language is not your main audience, this feature will certainly fit your need.

System Logs

Rdiffweb v2.6.0 has improved its system logs view, allowing administrator to identify user activity, threats, and user login. The logs now display the username and IP address for HTTP requests. 

LDAP Integration and Miscellaneous Improvements

Rdiffweb v2.6.0 has fixed its LDAP integration, which now supports non-list attributes, thanks to Shane Robinson. Rdiffweb v2.6.0 redistribute its logos in PNG format for better compatibility with email client. Additionally, Rdiffweb v2.6.0 has disabled error logs for 4xx errors and fixed the calculation of "minutes ago" date format. 


Rdiffweb v2.6.0 brings significant improvements to its dashboard, notifications, system logs, and language support. With a cleaner interface, users can now quickly get an overview of their backup status, and notifications are more customizable, including the option to send notifications to a catch-all email address. The LDAP integration has been fixed, and the logs have been improved, allowing users to identify different types of activities. Finally, Rdiffweb v2.6.0 supports multiple languages, making it accessible to users worldwide.

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