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Rdiffweb Release v2.2.0

Since the last version release in January, we have introduced many major features and changes to Rdiffweb. Thanks to the IT department of Bern University of Applied Sciences who choose Rdiffweb to be part of their backup solution for the students.

Many features that were planned are now a reality !

Notably, support for alternate database like PostgreSQL, a complete new stack to run background job for long running tasks and finally a new documentation.

In the following weeks will publish new articles for each major changes that were introduced in this version.

Here the complete list of changes

  • Debian package:
    • Add rdiff-backup as dependencies to comply with Debian packaging rules
    • Multiple other fixed to control files
    • Use debhelper-compat (= 13)
    • Run test during packaging
    • Create default folder /var/run/rdiffweb/sessions to store user session
  • Use ConfigArgPare for configuration to support configuration file, environment variables and arguments to configure rdiffweb #114
  • Fix cache in localization module
  • Add ldap-add-default-role and ldap-add-default-userroot option to define default value for role and user root when creating user from LDAP #125
  • Support PostgreSQL database by replacing our storage layer by SQLAlchemy #126
  • Fix to retrieve user quota only for valid user_root #135
  • Add option disable-ssh-keys to disable SSH Key management
  • Use absolute URL everywhere
  • Add support for X-Forward-For, X-Forward-proto and other reverse proxy header when generating absolute URL
  • Drop Debian Strech support
  • Implement a new background scheduler using apscheduler #82
  • Use background job to send email notification to avoid blocking web page loading #47
  • Use background job to delete repository to avoid blocking web page loading #48
  • Allow deleting a specific file or folder from the history using rdiff-backup-delete #128
  • Improve support for session-dir #131
  • Add option admin-password to define administrator password for better security
  • Improve performance of repository browsing
  • Add a new view to display logs of a specific repository
  • Allow downloading the log
  • Define a default limit to graph statistics to make it display faster
  • Fix get-quota-cmd option to properly return a value
A new Docker image to ease your deployment
Rdiffweb Release v2.3.0