Which backup solution should I choose: Rdiffweb or Minarca?

Understanding the differences between Rdiffweb and Minarca

Which backup solution should I choose: Rdiffweb or Minarca?

Many have asked about the differences between Rdiffweb and Minarca, backup management software developed by IKUS. If both these open-source products seem identical, it is because the Minarca backup system includes all of Rdiffweb’s functions. Minarca is a complete backup system providing a centralized view of the data from the backup of your computers and servers, whereas Rdiffweb is an interface allowing the visualization of your archive backups and their recovery if necessary. The article below explains their technical differences.

An Accessible Interface Versus an Advanced System for Professionals

The Rdiffweb app, available for download online, supports the autonomous management of backups for those with less technical knowledge. Through a simplified display, the app makes it easy for them to browse their data, to recover it quickly as well as to manage it simply through the user interface. Minarca includes these functions and more. This complete system supports centralized management of the backups from multiple computers and servers, offers an overview of all devices and permits the compartmentalization and personalization of the spaces allocated to each one. It is an advanced backup solution that would be perfect for systems administrators and IT managers.

File browserXX
Restoration of a previous version of a file and of directoriesXX
Backup historyXX
Authentication and authorization of users via a local database or LDAPXX
Email notification in case of a failure of the backupXX
Configurable repository encoding (Cp1252, UTF-8, etc.)XX
Modifiable storage periodXX
Graphic visualization of backup statisticsXX
SSH key managementXX
Reactive web-based interface for easy use on mobile devicesXX
Customizable lookXX
Command line clientX
Client with graphical interfaceX
Selective data backupX
Automatic background backupX
Attribution of hard disk quotaXX
Automatic generation of SSH keys between client and serverX
Isolation of each user in their respective SSH sessionX
Simplified SSH authentication through a user gatewayX
Real-time status update on the backup (in progress, complete or failed)X

Software architecture that says it all

To fully understand the differences between these backup solutions, here is a visual rendering of RDIFFWEB and MINARCA’s architecture.


Rdiffweb’s architecture is very simple. As seen below, only one component (Rdiffweb) depends on Rdiff-backup to recover the data.

Rdiffweb architecture


On the other hand, Minarca’s architecture reflects the complexity of the system. First, it includes two distinct packets: the server and the client. Then, a number of components with multiple dependencies are directed towards various locations.

Minarca architecture

As you may have gathered, Minarca offers a complete and ideal backup solution for those looking for advanced management of their own data archiving system, but also their clients’ systems or those of the computer equipment they may be responsible for. On the other hand, Rdiffweb, whose functions are included in Minarca, is the perfect application for those within to benefit from simplified access to their online data and thus ensure the fast recovery of their archives when necessary.

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